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      Jieyang City Qunxing Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1995 , located in Airport Economic Zone Jieyang City , Guangdong Province , China.

      Our company is specializing in developing and manufacturing all kinds of bag packaging machinery for more than 20 years . It has a professional R&D taam , skilled manufacturing processing and assembling team . Equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment : Test instrument , processing production and assembly facilities etc.. There are more than 30 kinds of products : Microcomputer auto . Thermal Cutting Machine , Sealing and Cutting machine , Vest Bag Machine , Stationery Bag Making Machine , Chain Bag Machine , Horizontal(Vertical)Folding Machine , auto . Punching and Shearing ,achine etc..

      With strong technical force , advanced production technology , perfect detection , our company can develop innovative products suitable for the market at any time , and can also design related products according to customer requirments . Through absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad constantly to improve the quality of products for more than 20 years , products comrehensive is ahead to domestic products and well sold in China , Southeast Asia , Europe and America etc..

      Adhering to the "Quality First , Service Foremost" , Our brand for "Qungxing Machinery" bag making machine , became one of the largest production base of packaging film in China.

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